2PAC / Kosuke Kawamura Neo-silk, glitter on canvas with CARD

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2PAC / Kosuke Kawamura

Neo-silk (giclee print+silkscreen print), glitter on canvas with card(signed)

CARD SIZE: 89 x 64 (mm)

*Signed by Kosuke Kawamura

*Edition number cannot be specified

Neosilk is a technique originally developed by 360°GRAPHICS . This is the name of a print that remarkably reveals that he is actively introducing materials, artist's concepts, etc., and trying out new print expressions.

NeoSilk is a technique developed by 360°GRAPHICS. Neo-Silk" is the name of the prints that are made by actively introducing inks, materials, materials, and artists' concepts that have not yet been used in the field of conventional printmaking, and that are a remarkable manifestation of our attempts to create new printmaking expressions.


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