Refund policy

Return policy | In Japan

Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations :
We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations after your order, except in the case of defective products or incorrect delivery of products by us. If the item is defective or if we make a mistake in sending the item, please contact us by email within 7 days after the item arrives. We will respond by exchange or refund. In addition, we will bear the return shipping fee in case of defective product or mistaken delivery of the product by us, so please return it by cash on delivery.
* Regarding exchange, we will exchange for the same product only if it is in stock. If the item is not in stock, we will refund the item price.
* Please be sure to pick up the sent products at your own risk. Please note that if you do not pick up your baggage even after the storage period of your absent baggage has expired, it will be automatically returned or canceled. Please note that we cannot accept returns or reshipments after cancellation. Please note that depending on the situation, we may charge the shipping fee for the round trip.

[Return target]
"Defective product / wrong product by our company"

* The certification of defective products will be confirmed by our company after contacting the customer, and will be confirmed by contacting the customer. Please note that refunds cannot be made before the defective product arrives at our company. In addition, even if the product is defective, it cannot be returned or exchanged in the following cases, so please check the product immediately after arrival.

1) Items that have been received for more than 7 days (please check the contents immediately after receipt)
2) Worn or used items, washing or cleaning
3) Items with detached or lost product tags / labels
4) After wearing, including fitting, odors, stains, scratches, etc. If different
5) If the product package (including individual packaging bag, box, accessories) is damaged or lost

[Return request method]
If you wish to return, please contact us by e-mail. (

[Refund time and refund method]
Refunds will be processed within 5 business days.
If you pay by credit card, you will need to cancel your credit card payment. Refunds may be carried over to the next month or later if returns occur across the deadline of the card company, which differs depending on the card company or the contract details of the customer. We cannot check the contract details regarding your credit card usage, so please contact the contracted card company directly for details.

Return policy | International

Order cancellation, returns, and exchange of purchases

- As rule, purchases cannot be returned or exchanged except.

Refusal of delivery or long-term absence

-Customers are responsible to take delivery of their ordered shipments. If a customer is absent and delivery is not taken by the end of the temporary storage period, the shipment will automatically be returned and the order canceled. Re- Please note that in such a case, depending on the circumstances, the Company can require the customer to pay the round-trip delivery charges.