YUYA HASHIZUME "eyewater" Merchandising

Artist who is active in Japan and abroad " YUYA HASHIZUME | Hashizume Yuya's masterpiece " eyewater "Merchandises is on sale.
One of the most notable artists now, "Hashizume," who is active across borders with Hong Kong, Bangkok, and London, despite having an activity base in Japan. Yuya ".
His masterpiece " eyewater "Is a work that depicts the" crying woman "that I have seen, and attracts many fans both domestically and internationally.

" eyewater The merchandises that dropped "" are short sleeves T shirt( 2 Color, each 6 ,, 000 Yen), long sleeves T shirt( 2 Color, each 7 ,, 000 Yen), sweat hoodie ( 3 Color, each 11 11 ,, 000 Circle), cushion ( 3 Color, each 7 ,, 000 Yen) (all tax excluded), men's & Women's size unisex look models include the 5th Japan Uniform Awards "High School Girls Who Look Good in Japan's Uniforms" Grand Prix AbemaTV "Don't be fooled by Who is a Wolf in midsummer! Saito, a young actress who will be the focus of attention in the future Eri ”is appointed. The production is "Bikkuriman × "Kousuke Kawamura" collaborated on merchandising, etc. COMMON BASE Is in charge.

As a purchase privilege, all purchasers will receive " eyewater Get a sticker. (The stickers you can get are different for each product. Please see below for details)
Furthermore, for those who are eligible, "Hashizume "Yuya" autographed " eyewater You will also receive a prism sticker.

(Target requirements : 1 Per order 3 For those who purchase more than one point 3 Per point 1 You will receive a gift. )

For details and notes, see COMMON BASE ONLINE STORE (( http://www.commonbase.jp ), COMMON BASE of Instagram (( https://www.instagram.com/commonbase.jp ) Please see.

【release date】
1/29 (Money) 18:00 ~

* Subject to change depending on the situation

[Purchase privilege]
merchandise 1 Per point 1 "Sheet" eyewater "A sticker is attached.
(For white and gray apparel products WHITE Sticker / / For black apparel products and black cushions BLACK Sticker / / Red × On the blue cushion RED Sticker / / light blue × On the pink cushion PINK Sticker)
1 Per order 3 For those who purchase more than one point 3 Per point 1 "Hashizume" Yuya ”signed prism sticker will be presented.

YUYA HASHIZUME | Hashizume Yuya ::
1983 Born in Okayama City. Artist.
In recent years, Onitsuka Tiger × STREET FIGHTER Illustrations provided to Hong Kong and popular actresses in Hong Kong JOEY THYE Collaboration with (Joey Thye),
Bangkok's leading sneaker shop CARNIVAL We are expanding the range of activities globally, such as events at.

In addition, in London THE WALUSO GALLERY The popularity overseas is accelerating, such as the success of a solo exhibition that also supports virtual browsing held at.

Saito Eri ::
2000 Born in the year. Actress, model.
At the 5th Japan Uniform Award, "High school girls who look best in Japan" Grand Prix, AbemaTV "Don't be fooled by Who is a Wolf in midsummer! 』Break.
Kao Biore cm "skin. Biore × Kishin Shinoyama 0 100 age" 18 18 Selected as a year-old representative.
others, * TV Asahi drama "M-Beloved One" Regular Ayu's rival AXELS Member Nao
* Ishikawa 3 The role of Sakura Kai, the heroine starring in the movie "Lost Time" 2021 A number of movies such as (scheduled to be released in theaters in the year) cm Also appeared.

The beauty of Eri and the unique atmosphere she creates are supported by many people. Eri's fashion sense is also popular with girls and is also active as a fashion icon.

For the purpose of becoming an "expression base" for artists 2019 Japanese brand established in the year.
Using domestic and overseas production backgrounds centered on apparel and miscellaneous goods, so far "Bikkuriman" × Kosuke Kawamura "" NUMBER (( N ) INE Collaboration and
" 2PAC "I am engaged in genreless activities such as product production for" Bikkuriman Apparel ".