's 2PAC APPAREL LOOK has been released.
A total of 8 apparel collections with simple artwork that is familiar to HIPHOP lovers, such as the iconic 2PAC logo and the cloth famous for the tattoo on the back of 2PAC himself.
COMMON BASE is in charge of product production.

Katsutoshi Nishimoto :
Born in 1979. After working as a staff member at a sneaker shop, he worked for visvim's directly managed store "F.I.L. TOKYO" for 16 years. Currently, he presides over his own creative project , and it is also talked about that it was worn by Drake, Virgil Abloh, Tom Sachs and others.
Instagram: @k_nisimoto_

Recently, with Kosuke KAWAMURA x Bikkuriman
A brand that mainly develops collaborations with domestic and foreign artists and brands, such as hosting collaborations.

[Product development]
T-shirts (2 types, 2 colors each, 5,000 yen each)
Sweat hoody (3 colors, 10,000 yen each)
Crew neck sweatshirt (3 colors, 9,000 yen each)
Sweat pants (3 colors, 10,000 yen each)
Sweat shorts (1 color, 8,000 yen)
Regular socks (2 colors, 1,900 yen each)
Long socks (2) Color, 2,300 yen each)
* All tax excluded

Release store: COMMON BASE online store
https: // commonbase.jp