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Head lococo collage pattern back print sweatshirt hoodie.

Logo and prism seal print on the left chest.

Part number: BMKK-005

Material: 100% cotton

Lip part: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane

Length: S 68cm / M 70cm / L 72cm / XL 74cm

Shoulder width: S 64cm / M 66cm / L 68cm / XL 70cm

Width: S 64.5cm / M 66.5cm / L 68.5 cm / XL 70.5cm

Sleeve length: S 59cm / M 60.5cm / L 62cm / XL 63.5cm


[Prism sheet part]
The prism sheet part of this product is We have a special print process. It is strongly glued, but the processing is not permanent. The prism sheet has a transparent protective film that will peel off naturally over time, wearing, and washing.
(The protective film is to prevent the gloss from disappearing due to heat when the sticker is attached to the product.)
Wearing and washing Due to aging, the edges of the sheet may float, and the print may peel off or chip. Please note that this is unavoidable due to the characteristics of the product. Also, please note the following points.
・ Be careful of friction and catching.
・ Do not iron the seat.
・ Do not soak in water for a long time.
-When washing, do not use the washing machine, turn the product over, put it in the net, and then push it by hand to wash it.
・ Do not leave the product unattended after washing, shape it without squeezing it, and hang it in the shade.
・ Never use a clothes dryer as the stickers and prints may come off.

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