2PAC / Kosuke Kawamura StareReap on pvc BOARD with FRAME(signed)<ED:10>

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2PAC / Kosuke Kawamura


StareReap (UV print) on pvc board with frame (signed)

FRAME SIZE:678×688 mm

※河村康輔氏のサインが入ります / Signed by Kosuke Kawamura

※額装状態でのお届けとなります / Delivery will be framed

エディションナンバーはお選びいただけません / Edition number cannot be specified



StareReap is a new art brand by Ricoh that proposes a culture where people can feel art close at hand. StareReap is based on Ricoh's unique inkjet technology that can express size, color tone and texture precisely and freely, and 2.5D printing technique using digital technology.



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